Why Should I Insulate My Home in the Fall?

Why Should I Insulate My Home in the Fall?

Quality insulation contractors will tell you that there are several reasons why fall is the perfect time to insulate your home. Learn some of the reasons why insulation contractors strongly suggest you insulate your home in the fall below.

Milder Temperatures

Fall is a perfect time of year for insulation contractors to complete the insulation work needed to improve your home’s insulation. Your home is more likely to lose the air conditioning needed during the summer or the heating needed during the winter if the work is done during those seasons because the air conditioner or furnace is working overtime in those seasons as compared to during the fall.

Drier Air

Drier air is much better for insulation work, and fall provides that as compared to the summer months. If work is done during more moist periods, it is possible mildew and mold could develop if moisture gets trapped under the insulation layer, creating further problems that will need to be remedied.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Insulating before winter hits can help ensure your pipes do not freeze if you endure a particularly cold winter (as we often get here in Colorado). Frozen pipes have a greater chance to burst, leading to a high cost of cleaning up the mess and repairing the damage. Have the installation done before cold weather hits!

That is why you should contact Insulation Pros of Colorado right away to help ensure your home is properly insulated. That way, you will not have to worry about the possibility of broken pipes, and you will ensure that your air conditioning and heating is cooling and heating your home, not the outdoors!