Tips To Make Your Attic More Efficient

Tips To Make Your Attic More Efficient

It is easy to overlook the attic when it comes to home improvement – it is often out of sight and out of mind. However, when the home improvement you need includes increased energy efficiency, you can benefit from taking steps to make your attic more energy efficient. Below we cover the various ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your attic, and therefore your home. At Insulation Pros of Colorado, a trusted source among insulation contractors, we are your source for a wide array of insulation solutions for residential homes to ensure cost-efficiency and indoor comfort throughout the year.

1. Seal Cracks

One of the most important steps to increasing the energy efficiency of your attic is to seal any cracks this space of your home. When cracks are present, it becomes difficult to keep your home warm on the winter and cool in the summer. In the winter, cracks let the hot air leak to the outside. In the summer, cracks allow the hot air from the outside inside. In both cases, this increases utility costs. Cracks can also let in water which can damage parts of your home.

2. Insulate Your Attic

As insulation contractors know, ensuring your attic has the proper amount and type of insulation will increase its energy efficiency in both the warm and cold months of the year. During the warm months of the year, proper attic insulation installed prevents much of the heat generated on the roof from the sun from coming down into your home. During the cold months of the year, proper attic insulation produces a thermal barrier that prevents heat loss through the roof.

3. Install Attic Ventilation Fans

The attic, among other areas of the home is an essential area for proper ventilation. The installation of an attic fan helps keep the space cool and free of moisture. This helps prevent the need to depend as much on the air conditioning to regulate home temperature, particular during the warmer summer months.

4. Seal the Attic Entrance

Proper insulation at the entrance to the attic is important for increasing the energy efficiency of the attic. Weatherstripping the hatch or door and adding a rigid foam board to the back of the entryway will get the job done. Insulation contractors may use fiberglass to achieve a sealing effect as well.

5. Install a Radiant Barrier

The purpose of a radiant barrier is to reflect heat away from an area where it is not desired and back where it belongs. In a hotter climate, a radiant barrier may be placed on the underside of the roof to prevent heat from coming into the attic from the outside above. In a colder climate, a radiant barrier may be placed as lining on the attic floor, prevent heat from entering the attic from below and escaping to the outside. In both cases, the radiant barrier acts to help keep the temperature of your home at the desired level.

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