Insulation Experts Debunk Common Spray Foam Insulation Myths

Insulation Experts Debunk Common Spray Foam Insulation Myths

Everyone wants a cost-effective way to achieve energy efficiency in their home and save on their monthly energy bills. Insulation is a great way to reduce energy consumption, and there are a lot of efficient options to choose from. Unfortunately, today’s social media runs at breakneck speed, dispensing misinformation. Many tales and myths continue to circulate long after they have been disproved. This is certainly true for spray foam products. Read on to learn how our experts debunk these common myths about spray polyurethane foam.

Five Myths about Spray Foam Insulation

Spray (Polyurethane) foam is characterized by durability, performance, effectiveness, longevity, reliability, and both moisture and mold resistance. Yet, despite scientific proof indicating otherwise, myths remain about its effectiveness. Among the top four myths are the following:

  1. Enduring Smell: While the insulation may initially smell, it dissipates quickly.
  2. Water retention: A common misconception about this type of insulation as opposed to traditional insulation is that its users have to pay closer attention to moisture levels. While this was the case in the past with foam exhibiting these characteristics, it is no longer true. High-quality foam insulation actually repels moisture.
  3. Shrinkage: Poor applications can result in shrinkage in your insulation. However, if you hire professionals to install the foam, this is not the case. With proper insulation installation, you shouldn't have any issues.
  4. Summer applications only: Even if there are cold temperatures outside, you can have foam insulation installed. What will prevent installation is if the temperature is too cold for employees to work on your project safely. The same can apply to excessive heat conditions.

Using Foam Insulation

Keeping your house warm during the cold winter months has never been easier. Technology has changed the nature and quality of insulation materials, making foam a quality option to make your building or house more energy efficient. What was once considered true now falls into the category of myth. If you have any questions about spray foam insulation, whether it is suitable for your residence or business, or about the process of installation, do not hesitate to talk to us – the experienced insulation experts at Insulation Pros of Colorado. We steer our clients toward quality materials and make sure you and your family are saving on costs in the long run.