How to Reduce Noise in Your Home Office Using Insulation

How to Reduce Noise in Your Home Office Using Insulation

If you work regularly from home, one of the greatest challenges many home office workers face is the ability to concentrate and get as much work done in as little as time possible because of the consistent noise and distractions. Learn how soundproofing insulation services can help to block out the noise and help you be more productive.

Two Types of Noise

Soundproofing insulation services can help with the two main types of noise. One type of noise is airborne noise, a type of noise that is transmitted through air vibrations. Such examples include sounds from voices, animals, music, and television. The second type of noise is impact noise, a type of noise that occurs when objects impact with one another. Examples include someone walking on the floor, someone pushing a chair across the floor, or someone dropping an object onto the floor.

How Soundproofing Insulation Services Can Help

Such services can help to soundproof your home office. These services include installing a solid core door that has vinyl weatherstripping surrounding it to block all avenues noise can get through into your office space. Another service is caulking around electrical boxes and ductwork that penetrates the drywall around your home office, again cutting off any avenues for noise to get through. A third service is adding a layer of acoustic board and then another layer of drywall onto the existing walls. This may require the movement of electric boxes and reinstalling baseboards and casings, which is why a company like Insulation Pros of Colorado is best suited for such a task. Contact us today to learn how we can keep the noise out of your home office and help make you more productive!