How Does Proper Insulation Save Energy?

How Does Proper Insulation Save Energy?

Insulation in the home reduces the transfer of heat through surfaces such roofs, walls, ducts, and attics. When energy efficient insulation is installed in the right amounts and locations, the quantity of air that escapes from the home in wintertime and the amount of cool air escaping the home during the summer are minimized. In both cases, energy costs are reduced – whether for heating or cooling. In fact, you may expect a 20 percent reduction in your heating and cooling costs when an older home without proper insulation is provided with proper insulation. At Insulation Pros of Colorado, we are your source for insulation solutions that enhance the energy efficiency and comfort level in your home.

Insulating Attics, Floors, and Walls

The envelope or outer shell of your home is a barrier that prevents the temperatures of the outside and inside air from becoming the same. The better the insulation in the roof, floors, and walls, the less your cooling and heating systems have to work to produce the necessary cool or warm air in your home. Energy efficient insulation in the roof is particularly important for retaining warm air inside the home during the cold winter months due to the fact that heat rises.

Adding Radiant Barriers

Also referred to as reflective insulation, radiant barriers are installed in the attic floor or under the roof. When installed under the roof, this type of insulation reflects the heat attempting to enter the attic from the hot roof and thus prevents it from entering the living areas in the home below, keeping the home cool during hot weather. When radiant barriers are installed as lining in the attic floor, they can keep the heat below in the home from escaping into the attic, which helps keep the home warm during cold weather.

Insulating Ducts

Ducts that leak in HVAC systems make lower heating and cooling efficiency by a significant percentage, depending on the extent of the leaks. By insulating the ducts in your home, you will allow the cool and warm air to travel to its intended location without getting lost. Duct insulation is especially important when it travels through basements, attics, or any other type of unfinished area. Sealing around duct registers can also prevent the leaking of air under the floor or behind walls.

Sealing Air Leaks

Even if the walls have good insulation, cool and warm air can still find places to escape through gaps and cracks around doors and windows. These gaps and cracks create drafty locations and result in more energy required from the AC or heater to regulate the indoor temperature. The solution to this problem is to caulk and weather-strip around windows and doors. To learn about the energy efficient insulation products we offer at Insulation Pros of Colorado, call us today at 970.980.6455 or reach us through our contact form.