Home Insulation Tips for Better Energy Conservation

Home Insulation Tips for Better Energy Conservation

Home insulation does two important things, among others – it makes your home more energy efficient and lowers your monthly energy bills. Having the adequate insulation in your home can also increase the market value of your home and promote a healthy environment for those living inside. At Insulation Pros of Colorado, we are the professionals to count on when you need an experienced blown-in insulation service provider for your residential or commercial property.

Here are some insulation tips for saving energy in your home:

Draught Proofing

The process called draught proofing involves the sealing of various holes, cracks, and spaces that allow heat loss in the home. These areas are often found around window and door frames, but can also be found around chimneys and letterboxes.

New Energy Efficient Windows

You can significantly increase the insulation value of your home with the addition of double or triple pane glass windows that include tight insulation that prevents heat loss. Window replacements are often more affordable than replacing wall insulation.

Plastic Window Film

As an alternative to window replacements, you can add plastic window film to your existing windows as a form of insulation, which will slow down the loss of heat. Plastic window film is easy to install. Simply apply it to the window pane as directed. Some of these films also include UV protection that protects the furnishing in the home, including carpeting, from fading under the glare of the sun.

Add Insulation to the Roof or Ceiling

If you have a warm loft, you may consider adding insulation materials to the area just beneath the roof. If you have a frigid cold loft, a less expensive option is to insulate the area above the ceiling of the last floor. If your attic spaces are unfinished, installing attic insulation between ceiling joists can conserve a great deal of energy.

Insulate Outlets and Switches

Even though the openings may seem small, tiny holes in wall outlets and switches can allow heat loss that adds up over time, reducing your home’s energy efficiency. An outlet and switch panel seal manufactured with additional insulation or foam plastic can be installed by removing the cover plate, adding the panel seal, and replacing the cover plate.

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