When to Replace Attic Insulation

When to Replace Attic Insulation

Nothing lasts forever. Almost everything has a best-before date. This includes insulation – particularly if it is in the attic. A general rule of thumb seems to indicate a common lifespan of between 15 and 20 years. A major factor in this is the specific type of insulation installed. Whether you have spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, or cellulose insulation can affect when you need it replaced. But how do you know when your attic requires attic home insulation replacement services to come and have a look?

Five Signs Your Attic Insulation Requires Replacing

If you find drafts entering the house, you might want to check the insulation in the attic spaces of your home. This is one indicator that your insulation may be currently less effective. Those who provide replacement services are trained to recognize the signs. Other indications include:

  1. Proper insulation will prevent abnormal indoor temperature fluctuations. If you're experiencing any type of uncomfortable drafts, it may be time to check your insulation.
  2. A common type of indicator is unusual and unexpected increased energy costs. If you see your energy bill has abnormally spiked recently, this can be a sign it's time to call an expert to assess your energy efficiency.
  3. Indications of pest infestation. In the attic, this could include rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons and/or opossums
  4. Water damage. Damp spots are observed in the ceilings or, upon looking at the insulation, you see it is wet, dirty, or moist. You might also notice mold growth, mildew growth, or contamination from mold in your insulation or on your ceilings. Exposure to moldy insulation can come with some serious health risks, so be sure to call your attic insulation contractor immediately in this situation.
  5. Compression of certain insulation may also determine whether replacement is necessary

Call Our Insulation Replacement Services

Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold climate, keeping your house at comfortable living temperatures is important for your day-to-day comfort. Insulation is one of the more viable means of lowering your energy use and costs and keeping your house at the ideal comfort level. Over time, however, the installed insulation becomes less effective in performing its designated task. This is when you should consult the experienced insulation contractors at Insulation Pros of Colorado.

With experience in all insulation types, we are always ready to offer informed advice and help you adopt measures to ensure your home remains warm and comfortable. Make sure if you're starting attic construction on a new build home to consult your attic insulation contractor. For attic insulation installation, replacement, or any other type of additional insulation project call us at (970) 980-6455.