Given that you rarely see it, it’s not always easy to spot problems with your insulation.

In today’s entry, we’re going to explore five common insulation problems that might be compromising your property’s efficiency and causing your utility bills to be higher than necessary.

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Watch Out For These Five Insulation Problems

Insulation Problems


Poor insulation — or none at all — allows moisture to build up inside of your walls. This, in turn, allows mold and mildew to begin growing inside of your walls. Even if your property has fiberglass or cellulose insulation, gaps between the wall and your insulation can lead to condensation. The solution is to invest in wall insulation that fills the gaps and prevents condensation. Insulation Pros of Colorado can provide you with a detailed inspection and action plan that keeps your home and your family safe from mold and mildew.


If your home was constructed decades ago, then it’s likely that some of the insulation has settled and compacted. While this can be caused by poorly installed insulation or an insufficient amount, it’s to be expected with insulation that’s decades old. If you’re concerned that your property’s insulation has settled, then just reach out to us! Our insulation contractors will be able to provide you with helpful advice for your specific circumstances.



Do you feel a draft? You shouldn’t! If you’ve noticed a draft coming from somewhere in your home, then first start by checking your doors, windows, and other areas that have been sealed. In many cases, you’ll be able to stop drafts by taking a few minutes to repair the damaged seal. If you’ve inspected your doors and windows and are confident that none of them are allowing the outside air to blow in, then the problem may be with your insulation.


Nobody wants pests in their home. While you certainly don’t want to notice pests running around your kitchen or your bedroom, it can be even more unsettling to have an infestation that you don’t know about. Your home’s insulation provides a warm and inviting space for animals and insects, and one small opening is all it takes for unwanted guests to make your home their own. The best way to determine if you have

insulation contractor

a pest infestation is to call a professional insulation contractor for an inspection. Pest droppings and nests pose a serious health risk, so plan on all of the insulation in the area being removed.


While we’ve listed this point last, it’s certainly not the least important. Many Denver insulation companies don’t have the experience or knowledge required to install insulation that lasts for decades, and you may just need to start from scratch. As the best insulation contractors in Denver, you can count on us to get the job done correctly the first time around. We keep our clients’ best interests in mind, and we always work to complete our jobs on time and with minimal disruption to your life.

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